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Photograph of Lim Young SunLIM YOUNG SUN/ 林 英 宣

1968 Born in Busan, Korea
1991 B.F.A: Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea
1996 M.F.A: Central Institute of Fine Arts, Beijing, China


2012 GANA ART Contemporary, Seoul, Korea
2011 GANA ART Gallery, Busan, Korea
2010 313 ART PROJECT, Seoul, Korea
2009 ARARIO Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2006 Yongdusan Gallery, Busan, Korea
2004 Whale Museum, Korea
2003 Gallery La Mer, Seoul, Korea
Yeulin Gallery, Busan, Korea
2002 Democracy Park Gallery, Busan, Korea
1995 Contemporary Museum, Beijing, China


2013 The Space of Thought / Gana art Gallery, Busan, Korea
2012 Finding Mandala / Kookmin University Museum
2012 Healing / Gana Art Contemporary, Seoul, Korea
2012 Korean Portrait Art. Chae Youngshin and Korean Contemporay Portrait Art/
Jeonbuk Muaeum of Art
2012 Hear are people / Daejeon Museum of Art
2012 A Family / Yangpyeong Art Museum
2011 The Spectrum of Modern Korean Art / Kaohsiung Art Museum / Taiwan
2011 Boundry and Utopia / Art Space LOO
2010 Korea Tomorrow / Setec / Seoul
2010 Realism in Modern Art/ Gyeongnam Art Museum
2010 Artist-Network: DECENTERED
Arko Art Center / Gwangju Museum of Art/ Busan Museum of Art
2010 "Traveling Art Museum 2009 The tale of the Sun and the Wind"
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
2009 "The 9th Ha jung-woong Young Artists Invitation Exhibition"
Gwangju Museum of Art
2009 "The Cinematic_Montage" Seoul Museum of Art
2009 "Asia Art Festival " Sungsan ArtsHall
2009 "Shinsegae Gallery Open Exhibition" Shinsegae Centumcity
2008 "Kids in Atelier,Busan", Busan Museum of Art
2007 "Myohap",The Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2007 "Art and Playing-Funsters" Seoul Arts Certer, Hangaram Art Museum
2007 “Human Rights"Democracy Park Gallery, Busan,Korea
2006 "For the World Belong Together !" Nationwide Traveling Exhibition
2005 "Image Advertisement Virtual "Democracy Park Gallery, Busan, Korea
"Welcome to Busan!" Youngdusan Museum, Busan, Korea
"Welcome to Busan!" Fukuoka, Japan
"Interesting Art" Democracy Park, Busan, Korea
"Sab-ryang Exhibition" Yang-san City Hall, Korea
"Donhak peasant Revolution" The Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2003 "Super market U.S.A", Seoul, Korea
2002 "The Meditation On Body" Daegu Metropolitan Art Center, Korea
"Scent Of Spring" Manufactures Gallery, Community Center, Chicago
“Visual Voices" Greeley Square Gallery, New York, NY
"United Colors", Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center, New York, NY
2001 "Figurative Musings" Soho Gallery, New York, NY
"A Family Second Sowing paintings", Gallery Pool, Seoul, Korea
1999 "Escape From Ordinary Discussion" Yonsan Museum, Busan, Korea
"Contemporay Print Exhibition", Seoul Metropolitan Art Museum, Korea
"Youth Print Artist's Exhibition", Gallery Elsa, Busan, Korea
"Busan National Artist Association Exhibition", Busan, Korea
1996 "Searching For Korea Character", Insa Gallery, Seoul, Korea
"2 Artist's Exhibition" Beijing, China
1992 "A Field Of Education Exhibition" Min Gallery, Seoul, Korea
"Morning, Day, Night, and Dawn", Guan-Hoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
"National Youth Art Exhibition", Nationwide Traveling Exhibition
1991 "Young Artist's December Exhibition", Min Gallery, Seoul, Korea
"National Youth Artist Exhibition", Nationwide Traveling Exhibition


For more information on the artist and her latest exhibitions, please contact her here or e-mail